Department Directory

Melissa McDowell (Director of MSCS Admissions ) email Ext. 4827
Abigail Stickles (Compro Admissions Counselor) email Ext. 4151
Bonnie Hendricks (Admissions Assistant) email Ext. 1153
Charlie Hutchings (Academic Review)email Ext. 3311
Craig Shaw (Director of Student Recruiting) email Ext. 4021
Dileep Krishnamoorthy (Internet Marketing Manager) email Ext.4687
Samantha Kelly (Marketing and Admissions Associate) email Cell. 641-451-7706
Girma Tessema (Admissions Representative) email Ext. 4831
Dima Carr (Admissions Representative) email
Maryam Naraghi (International Student Advisor)  email Ext. 4822  Cell. 641-233-0255
Randy Smith(Admissions Representative) email Ext. 4809
Patrick Yankaus (Associate Director) email Ext. 2301
Laxmi Budathoki (Admissions Assistant) email Ext. 3434
Lisa Rizer (Admissions Representative) email Ext. 4213
Sara Hawthorne (Admissions Representative) email
Erica Lehman (Admissions Representative) email Ext. 2276
Teja Shrestha (Admissions Representative) email Ext. 3804
Distance Education:
Deribe Tafesse (Distance Education Director) email Ext. 4323
Saraswathy subramanium (Distance Education Coordinator) email Ext. 5120
Distance Education Database Specialist email Ext. 4140
Asaad Saad email Ext. 4218
Assad Maalouf email
Ankhtuya Ochirbat email
Anthony Sander email Ext. 2409
Anne McCollum email
Bruce Lester email Ext. 2676 Cell. 641-209-1493
Clyde Ruby email Home. 641 469-6483
Emdad Khan  email Ext. 2215
Greg Guthrie  email Ext. 1125
Joseph Lerman  email Ext. 2677
Jan Sickler  email Ext.
Keith Levi (Dean of the College of Computer Science) email Ext. 1363  Cell. 641 919-4451
Mei Li  email Ext. 2230
Michael Yang email Cell. 408 800 9880
Michael Zijlstra  email Ext. 4214
Mrudula Mukadam email Ext. 3344
Muhyieddin (Dean) Khaled Al-Tarawneh email Cell. 641-819-8073
Najeeb Najeeb email Ext. 4325
Obinna kalu email Ext. 5101
Paul Corazza email Ext. 4327
Payman Salek email Cell. 515-661-4870
Prem Nair  email Ext. 2215
Renuka Mohanraj email Ext. 4332
Rod Falk  email Ext. 3437
Rujuan Xing email Ext. 2317
Umur Inan email Cell. 641 210-9943
Unbold Tumenbayar email
Kay Hazen (MSD Career Strategies Director, MSD Program Manager) email
Garrett Nelson (MSD Assistant Manager) email
Francesca Greco (MSD Admissions Specialist) email
Andrew Voskov ( MSD Admissions Specialist) email Cell 6419195609
Career Center:
Computer Careers email
Beth Kleinman email Cell 561-699-8552
Brett Anderson (Associate) email Ext. 1210
Chrissy Dudley (Finance Associate) email Ext. 2213
Cory Trump (Finance Associate) email Ext. 2311
Heather Vorhies (OPT Associate, DSO)  email Ext. 2207
Meggan Munley (Operations Associate)  email Ext. 4320
Gail Young (CPT Management Specialist) email Ext. 4333
Jacki Baker (Career Development Associate) email
Jennifer Lamothe (OPT Coordinator) email Ext. 2405
Jim Garrett (Director, Training & Coaching) email Ext. 1214
Josh Doddema (OPT Coordinator) email Ext. 4190
Peter Vonderheide (Director) email Ext. 1348  Home. 641-209-9499
Raphael Dari (Technical Associate) email Ext. 5037
Raya Bell (Career Development Senior Associate) email Ext. 1357
Sara Robinson (Career Development Associate) email Ext.2214
Sheri Shulmier (Training & Coaching Specialist) email Ext. 4144
Somesh Rao (Technical Director) email Ext. 1238
Tere Cutler (Associate) email Ext. 2448
Research & Consciousness:
Chris Cambridge (Director of Student Development) email Ext. 4328
Frank Carpenter (Co Director of Development of Consciousness Division)  email Ext. 4328
Elinor Wolfe email Ext. 2223
Computer Science
Elaine Guthrie (Administrative Director) email Ext. 4810
Chandrakala Pullapantula email
Biran Saine (CS Registrar) email Ext. 2293
Mohanraj VS (Computer Science Graduation Director ) email Ext. 4331
Isabel Irizarry Ramos (CS Registrar Assistant) email Ext. 4214
Tech Support:
Fikret Tokyay (Software Developer) email Ext. 4321
Samir Shrestha (System Administrator) email Ext. 4329 Cell. 641-451-4894
Utsav Pokhrel (System Administrator) email  Ext. 4326
Trishakti Madhikarmi (Network Assistant) email Ext. 4326
Distribution List:
Area Alias
McLaughlin (All CS Department)
CS Faculty ( All CS Faculty)
CS Staff (computercareers, cstech, comproadmin, csdeoffice, csregistrar, Chris Cambridge, Frank Carpenter)
CS Tech ( All from Tech Support)
Admissions ( All From Admissions)
DE Office ( All From Distance Office )
Research and Conciousness ( All From Research and Conciousness )