Registration Process

For information on course offerings please see: Course offering info If you have any questions about this system or about courses you should contact your academic advisor. (To find your academic advisor log into InfoSys and go to the Faculty Advisors link )

This course selection system is for MSCS students in the Computer Professionals program only. During the MPP course, students will be told when to use this system to enter their preferences for their on-campus Computer Science courses.

    Assignment to classes will be according to student preference
    The student must  receive approval from their advisors before entering any preferences online

Students will not be assigned to any on-campus courses that they have waived (or transferred).

  • All waivers must be approved BEFORE preferences are entered and classes are assigned.
  • You may waive a course if you have taken a commensurate course at another university. This must be approved by your faculty adviser or a faculty member who teaches the course.
  • You may “transfer” a course if you have taken a commensurate course for graduate credit at another university and have not used those credits towards another degree. These credits can count towards your MUM MSCS degree. You can transfer up to two courses.

You must satisfy the prerequisites for any courses listed below before the system will assign you to those classes.

  • MPP is a prerequisite for all graduate courses.
  • CS545 Web Application Architecture: CS472 WAP is a prerequisite for this course. There is a waiver quiz that is offered for each entry that must be passed in order to waive CS472.
  • CS544 Enterprise Architecture (EA): One of the following is required as a prerequisite:
    • CS545 Web Application Architecture
    • CS525 Advanced Software Development
    • CS425 Software Engineering
    • CS472 Web Application Programming
  • CS572 Modern Web Applications (MWA): CS472 WAP is a prerequisite for this course. There is a waiver quiz that is offered for each entry that must be passed in order to waive CS472.
  • Prerequisite courses must be passed with a grade of B or better. A grade of B- will only be considered to satisfy the prerequisite if there is an explicit recommendation from the instructor of the prerequisite course. For C+ or lower grades, you must retake the prerequisite course to obtain a grade of B or better in order to enroll in the advanced course. If a student does not achieve a B grade in a prerequisite course, then a meeting with the faculty advisor must be made to revise the academic schedule if any courses are already scheduled that depend on the prerequisite course.

Following are the current graduation requirements:

    • 44 credits of computer science courses at the 400 level or above (includes 4 credits of CS 401 MPP and 8 credits of CS 575 Practicum)
    • At least 50% of the credits applied to the MS degree must be at the 500-level (e.g., the 8 units of CS 575 Practicum plus 4 other 4 unit courses)
    • At least one of the following must be completed with a grade of “B” or better:
      • CS 435 Algorithms
      • CS 505 Advanced Programming Languages
    • Must complete at least one systems or analysis courses (DBMS, Security, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Parallel Programming, Compilers, Software Testing, Big Data Analytics, Systems Analysis, Project Management, and Mobile Device Programming)
    • No more than one course can have a grade of C+, C or C- (Getting two “C” grades will mean an extra course will be required to bring the GPA up to the required 3.0 for the MSCS program)

More details at:

Follow this link for more details.

You will use this system once while you are in FPP or MPP to enter your preferences for your on-campus Computer Science courses. You will only be able to do this when the system is open for registration and you are in the group of students currently eligible to register.

If you have a waiver from another University for a course you have already taken and this has been approved by the CS Registrar, and that course is being offered while you are on campus, please put it at the bottom of your preferences and you will not be enrolled in that course. If you have passed any of the waiver exams, you will automatically be registered in a different course other than the course for which you passed the waiver exam. If you wish to be enrolled in the course you waived through the waiver exam, you will need to fill out the change request form at under the quick links.