MSCS Degree Specialization


The Department of Computer Science at Maharishi International University offers specialization in IT Managers to students enrolled in the Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program. Students enrolled in the IT Managers Specialization track will have their I-20s extended for about one year. The IT Managers Specialization courses include the following:

IT Managers:

  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • SAP: Enterprise Business Analytics
  • Management and Organization

Specialization within the MSCS Degree (for current MSCS students at Maharishi International University)

A specialization requires three or four extra distance education (DE) courses, 12 or 16 units, in addition to the 40 units required for the regular MSCS degree. No additional on-campus study is required. The program is about one year in length and Curricular Practical Training (CPT) will be authorized for that length of time. Specialization students will not graduate until they have completed all three or four extra DE courses.

Only current MS in Computer Science students who have never had their I-20’s extended may enroll in the IT Managers Specialization track. Candidates must complete all regular MSCS degree requirements. The candidate must pay for at least one of the specialization courses before his or her I-20 is extended. A student whose I-20 is extended in order for him/her to complete the MSCS graduation requirements will only have a total program extension of one year including the initial program extension. The IT Managers Specialization track is open to MIU students only.

Cost and Payment
Total cost for a specialization program is $12,000. Payment is to be made before the first distance education course begins, or before the I-20 is extended. The payment may not be added to the loan the student is already carrying to repay MSCS program expenses. Students may withdraw from the Specialization program, but only after the first course is completed. The charge for the first course is $3,000 and so a refund of $9,000 will be given. However, it is at times feasible for specialization students to take three courses instead of four. Once each course has been started, there is no refund for that course. Health insurance is not included in the specialization program costs. Please pay the specialization tuition through

How to apply: Complete the MSCS Specialization online application form.

Note: Anyone that applies for the specialization program with their first course in June 2021 will be grandfathered with the $2,500 tuition per course, but anyone with their first course in October 2021 or later, will be charged $3,000 per course. Please note that the new tuition is effective as from August 2021.